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AeroPanel Big Doors says it all but not the personal touch. Where did AeroPanel come from? AeroPanel is the brainchild of New Zealand aviator and engineer Craig Buist. In search of his own big aircraft hangar doors, he found most all fell well short of his expectations. Seeing other doors in the market and various issues they had drove his desire to create a sensibly priced, reliable, simple, non-intrusive door that didn’t require valuable sliding ground space, multiple hinged panels or moving parts. His creation overcame many of the issues seen in most hangar-style doors in the industry today. Craig strived to overcome issues that most hangar owners currently tolerate.

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Discover New Zealand's Better Big Door Option

Better by far. Your door is the most utilized asset of your build.

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Built to Last for Years

AeroPanel doors are reliable, long-lasting and require minimal maintenance. It endures industrial wear and its maintenance costs are low.

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Withstanding Wind Loads

Our engineer-designed doors with multiple ground and head anchor points have stood up to even the most violent winds loads.

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Made for Your Needs

AeroPanel door options include, but are not limited to, fully insulated, built-in pedestrian access, windows and clear vision rails.

Engineer designed to handle the job.

AeroPanel Doors offer a range of galvanised rigid steel frame panel doors making them ideal for large-scale exterior locations, such as aircraft hangars or commercial buildings.

Custom PS1 Producer statements available if required for your application.

The AeroPanel design makes our doors droop free with externally wide span and minimal maintenance, compare that to other door providers!

Industrial buildings, aircraft hangars or a farm shed, AeroPanel has the door for you. Be it 11 metres wide or 30 metres wide, we will tailor a strong sag-free door to fit your requirements.

The door you choose can be the biggest asset of your build. Do it right and it will last the distance.

Imagine full remote control access, whether in your car, truck or aircraft. Just brilliant!

Our engineer designed doors with multiple ground and head anchor points have AeroPanel doors standing up to even the most violent winds loads. AeroPanel Door options include and are not limited to the following: (1) fully insulated, (2) built-in pedestrian access door, (3) windows and (4) clear vision rails.

The door you choose will be the biggest asset of your build. Do it right and it will last.